A note from Christine:

"A healthy lifestyle extends far beyond your time with me. It is my intention to provide my clients with access to the best people, products, practitioners, and places to facilitate optimum health. Below are my secrets to a healthy lifestyle, the best of the best in the Twin Cities Metro and beyond in terms of alternative medicine, lifestyle, and organics.  Enjoy!"

Balanced is a holistic health care practice in Woodbury, Minnesota that is dedicated to locating where stresses are in the body and what is leading to these stresses using non-cognitive biofeedback technology.

Blooma a mother centered business with several locations in the Twin Cities metro area offering a variety of resources for expecting mothers including yoga classes, childbirth education workshops, and wellness opportunities.

Cleanse Natural Health Spa located in Woodbury, Minnesota is a state of the art health spa providing patients with access to safe, sanitary, and FDA approved colon hydrotherapy and infrared sauna treatments by trained therapists.  

Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine  Susan is experienced in treating a full range of conditions and diseases. She is particularly interested in helping with the stresses and transformative potential in different stages of life, such as adolesence, pregnancy, parenting and menopause or while undergoing treatment for cancer.   

Full Nest Inc. offers creative interior design and decorating, as well as original artwork and custom murals to Saint Paul and Minneapolis clients. Honu therapeutic massage has had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Full Nest, Inc. when designing its space in Saint Paul, MN as well as some projects at home. 

motion was formed to offer individuals in the Twin Cities area a patient-first, outcome-focused physical therapy option. Motion physical therapists are highly trained, leaders of the physical therapy field, and dedicated to ongoing teaching and learning. 

OPTP Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products is an outlet for high-quality orthopedic, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and fitness products and education for those looking to improve their health. 

rivergarden yoga RiverGarden Yoga Center offers a variety of morning, afternoon and evening yoga and meditation classes for all levels of experience -- from beginner to advanced. It is located within blocks from honu and where Christine holds certain workshops. 

Secoya Health in Woodbury, Minnesota is a progressive health care clinic with a mission to heal patients by offering insights into what may be impinging on reaching maximum health, educate patients on how to maintain healthy lifestyle choices, and empower patients to take hold of their health goals long term.   

the perch  Kaitlen at The Perch Acupuncture and Wellness is dedicated to providing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine along with other natural and holistic treatments to restore balance to your health and radiance that comes from within you.

pranarom here at honu we carry only the best essential oils around. They are not only a Minnesota based company, but they are also certified organic. Each and every one of their products begin with sustainably harvested organic plants that have been distilled or pressed into pure oils. They experts in Scientific Aromatherapy and safely harness the active properties of plants for vibrant health and wellness.  

Whole Family Chiropractic  Dr. Tye and Dr. Chelsey provide care for the whole family.  If you are looking for extremely gentle, yet powerfully effective chiropractic care (no twisting, turning, popping, or cracking…and even better results) this is the place for you. At Whole Family Chiropractic, they in a unique form of neurological chiropractic known as Torque Release Technique (TRT).