“Touch is our primary language of compassion, a language that is essential to what it means to be human.”
— Dacher Keltner

Whether you are expecting, have a new born, or a toddler, experience the loving touch of infant massage in the comfort of your own home. Infant massage has been shown to enhance bonding and communication, promote sleep, aid in digestion, promote healthy weight gain, regulate primary organ systems, and reduce stress hormones. 

Private Class Rates (family and baby) $150

Two private, hour long classes held in your home that allow you to learn easy step-by-step massage techniques and benefits of infant massage. These classes will provide you the opportunity to practice one-on-one with your infant, learn to read your infant's cues as well as develop bonding with your child.

Group Class Rates (3-5 families) $45/per family 

Do you have several friends with infants as well? Then group infant massage classes are the way to go! Enjoy a 75 minute class with your friends, family, and children. 

Each class will include easy to follow instructions, benefits of infant massage, and ways to listen and watch your infant’s cues. Give your baby what he or she needs during the class whether it's nursing, changing diapers, or simply being swaddled. Class requires a blanket and child's favorite toy.