Why I choose Veriditas Botanicals Essential Oils.


It's been far too long since I last shared my favorite things (cue Oprah).  Remember my blog post on why I use organic oils/ creams not just in my massage business, but my life as well? It's an oldie, but a goodie -- check it out here.  Well, in part two I'm focusing on my favorite essential oils.  Per usual I go with only the purest and best quality for myself and for my clients! 

Here's the back story: I’ve been using essential oils since massage school 11 years ago. I still remember my very first trip upcountry to the beautiful lavender farms in Maui where I purchased my first lavender oil. This was also back when they only used their single source of lavender to make all their oils and products.  Demand has forced their hand into outsourcing since they sell more than they can grow.  Unfortunately, I find this to be a common issue for several essential oil companies.

Over the years I have used a variety of quality oils sold at health food stores, co-ops, and online. While I found some great oils for my business and everyday life, I never considered selling them to my clients. Then a couple years ago I came across Veriditas Botanicals at a local health food store. I was so excited to learn more that I started researching the company and I attended one of their education classes to test their oils. I was instantly in love with the products and the company's mission. The quality of the oils was so much more than what I have been using in the past. 

The etymology of Veriditas says it all. Veraditas means green and truth in latin. As described on their website, "Hildegard created the word Veriditas to mark the moment that God heals one thru a living plant – or the “greening” power of plant medicine. The moment the plant enters and heals you is the moment of “Veriditas”! We believe that by combining nature’s vitality with time-tested practices and modern discernment, a model for self-care evolves." Since I strongly believe in the benefits of self care and using plants as medicine I knew instantly this was the company trust. 

They are not only a Minnesota based company, but organic and Eco certified as well. This means they care about the earth, the purity and safety of the oils, and support small organic farming. That fact that this company only sells oils to other companies with similar missions and values is something to be admired.  Honu Therapeutic Massage is one such business!

I am excited to announce that I just recently doubled my inventory.  Why?  Because I use essential oils for nearly everything!  You’ll see them in my diffuser as aromatherapy, on your skin during your massage session, and cleansing the air in a spray or hydrosol. I also use them in my daily routine as cleaning products, breath fresheners and air fresheners, in Epsom salt baths and body care, on my feet and my pillow…there are endless possibilities and benefits with essential oils.

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For a complete list of why to choose Veriditas essential oils click here!

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