My first attempt at Aerial Yoga

Are you always caring for others? Always putting yourself last? Or not feeling supported in your life? Then this may be the perfect self care activity for you! Aerial yoga uses nylon fabric, similar to a hammock to support and cradle you while you are deepening your practicing yoga.

Clockwise from top left: inversion, half pigeon, and savasana.

Clockwise from top left: inversion, half pigeon, and savasana.

If you haven't tried Aerial Yoga before here is my take on it. At first it may feel like you are training to be in the circus, but once you get over that feeling and back into your body it can feel very freeing. Freedom for your mind and body. It's a great way to mix up your routine workouts and yoga practice, improve your balance, and of course have fun! 

Aerial yoga not only deepens your yoga practice, but it's similar to dance where you learn to move your body in ways that you normally don't. Also, since you are doing inversions fully supported by a nylon fabric there is some trust involved -- not only with the supported fabric, but with yourself and your body as well. 

I would definitely recommend considering Aerial Yoga! Tula Yoga and Wellness in Saint Paul, MN where I took my intro aerial workshop.  They have classes as well!  Instructors were encouraging and eager to help those with injuries modify.