Make your own bug and tick spray

They are out in full force! With the winter being mild and then all the rain this spring, mosquitoes and ticks are making quite an appearance. 

Are you looking for an alternative option to keep the bugs away? Something without all the chemicals, but equally as effective? Here's what I use for bug spray when I am enjoying the Minnesota summer nights -- essential oils!

Plants produce essential oils to repel bugs from eating their leaves and flowers, so why not use essential oils on your skin to keep the bugs off. Veraditas by Pranaram makes an organic bug repellent concentrate called BUG OFF! It's super easy to use, because it's already a blend of oils that all play a part in keeping the bugs away. This oil includes organic eucalyptus, citriodora, lemongrass, rose geranium, lavender, and peppermint. All you need to do is take a 4 ounce dark glass spray bottle, add 40-70 drops of BUG OFF and fill with purified water. Another option would be to mix with an organic unscented lotion. This is also safe for your dogs, but since dogs are more sensitive to smell, only rub a very small amount behind the shoulder blades and tail. Avoid anything near their face and nose.  

I often use this spray during the day when I am outdoors hiking, camping or out in long grass to avoid ticks (secret tip! I add extra geranium oil to my bug spray to help keep the ticks away.) Applying some Rose Geranium essential oil to my ankles, wrists, and behind my knees can also be effective at keeping bugs at bay.

If you do happen to get the occasional mosquito bite, Veraditas Bug Eraser works miracles. Made of Clove, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Peppermint, it can help reduce the itching, redness and inflammation associated with the bite.

Stop by to pick some up or ask about Veraditas Essential Oils at your next appointment!

*note that rose oil is contraindicated when pregnant and use in very small amounts when using on dogs.