A life with more massage is a life I want to live

Spring is FINALLY here, which means one thing – more massage. I have two very good reasons for saying this:

#1. Tax Season

Filing taxes is stressful, period, let alone if you’re the owner of a small business (that’s me!). It’s human nature to feel stressed particularly on or before April 15th.  Unfortunately, stress completely reeks havoc on the body, disguising itself in the form of headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, digestive issues, sleep problems – starting to sound familiar?

Consider treating yourself with this year’s tax return and schedule some time with me. And if there isn't a return, you may want to consider getting one anyways. 

#2.  The Great Outdoors

I forget that people actually live here (Minnesota that is) until that first unbelievably nice day. Everyone seems to come out of their winter hibernation and litter the streets with their running shoes, bikes, and strollers. Better weather = better workouts.  But with better workouts comes the build up of lactic acid and the potential for exercise induced injury.Take care of yourself. 

Massage just might be a sore muscle’s best friend. Think of it as a little spring cleaning for your body.

Everyone could stand a little massage in their lives.

For those struggling with routine stress, think 90 min every 4-6 weeks. For all my workout warriors out there, add a 60 min therapeutic massage every 2 weeks to your fitness routine.