What to expect during your initial massage session

Upon arrival, we will go through the completed health intake form to get a better idea of your health history. In order to co-create a wellness plan with you, we will then go through this form during the initial consult. This is a great time for you to express your concerns, inform me of injuries, and tell me your goals for the massage therapy session. Obviously, the more information you can provide me with, the more you will reap the benefits of your session. This would also be an ideal time to mention anything you like or dislike in a massage, type of pressure you prefer, or any areas of tension that need a little bit more attention.

After the initial intake I will leave the room and allow you a few minutes to undress to your comfort level. You can leave as much or as little of your clothes on as you prefer.  The only area that is uncovered is the area being massaged.  You will be tightly draped around remaining areas.

Once you are underneath the sheet and blanket on the massage table, check in with your body--maybe that means taking a few deep breaths or closing your eyes. How do you quiet your mind and turn your focus inward?  Do that!  Identify if there is something bothering you or something you forgot to mention that will prevent you from being completely relaxed during your session.

I will knock upon entering the room. It is important to continue focusing on your breathing and allowing your body to fully relax. As you likely expected, the more you can relax, the more you will benefit from your massage therapy session. During your therapeutic massage let me know if you are uncomfortable at anytime, including if you are hot or cold. It is your massage!  However, I will also check in with you throughout the massage to get your feedback on pressure and to insure that you are comfortable.

There is enough time at the end of each therapeutic massage for you to rise slowly and get dressed. It is important that you start drinking water as soon as possible after your session and continue your water intake after the massage. After the massage, take it easy!  Let your body rest and enjoy the benefits! Try doing some yoga, taking a walk, or an Epsom salt bath.  And don't forget the WATER!