Show the love

Show the love to the ones' you love. It's that one day a year that we are reminded to take the time to express our love and appreciation to the special people in our lives. Valentine's day isn't just for a spouse, significant other, hunny, or love bug. Show your best friends, parents, and kids just how much you love them. Stray away from your typical gift of flowers, chocolates, or maybe even diamonds if they're really lucky and consider a therapeutic massage by honu therapeutic massage in St. Paul, MN instead. Nothing says, "I love you" more than the loving touch of a therapeutic massage.

With major improvements to the honu therapeutic massage website, you can now surprise your loved one by scheduling a Valentine's Day massage or purchasing a gift card ONLINE!

For those spending V-DAY cuddled up at home, take some tips from an expert with these simple "HOW-TOs" when it comes to massaging your partner:

1) Find a comfortable and cozy place in the house where you will not be interrupted.  Have plenty of pillows and blankets on hand.  Relaxing music and candles will also set the mood!  If you choose to use an oil, try using coconut--easy to find at your local market or co-op and natural.

2) Focus on areas like the back, neck, shoulders, head, hands, and feet. 

3) Start with the recipient sitting up crossed legged. This is a great position to massage shoulders. Use squeezing and kneading techniques to massage the upper shoulders. Make sure you don't apply too much pressure. You don't want this to be painful, unless it's a "hurts so good" feeling.

4) You may continue to massage the shoulders as well as the back by having the recipient lay on their tummy. Move down the back being careful not to hit the spine. Use circular motions with your fingers or thumbs up the back along each side of the spine. You can also use your palms and compress down the back away from the spine. If you run into any knots, try pressing and holding for a few seconds with your thumbs to release pressure. If your hands get weak, roll a tennis ball in between the shoulder blades. 

5) Have the recipient roll onto their back to massage their hands, feet, neck, and head. You can start in any order. For the hands and feet use kneading and circular motions. 

6) A great way to massage the head and neck is to place the recipients head on a pillow in your lap. You can use the same circular motions with your fingers on the sides of the neck, the base of the skull, as well as on the scalp. 

Have fun with it and don't forget to take turns!