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honu is open by appointment only during the following hours:

Monday: 9am-6pm

Wednesday: 2pm-6pm

Friday: 9am-3pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

honu does not take same day appointments


Honu has moved! 

Honu Therapeutic Massage is now located at 555 Seventh Street West, Suite 306. Honu is in the tallest of the three Banfil buildings at the Banfil Office Court in St. Paul. 

There is street parking directly in front of the building as well as a private parking lot Southwest of the buildings. 

Upon arriving head straight up the stairs to the 3rd floor. My office and the restroom are to the left. You can have a seat in the waiting area to the right and I'll be with you shortly. 



555 Seventh street west

suite 306

st. paul, mn 55102