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After 11+ years of massage therapy I have found that my clients need more support between massage appointments because frankly, they are always extremely busy and STRESSED OUT.

While massage is a great tool for managing physical stress, the real relief comes when clients learn how to change their daily habits. Through BodyMind Coaching we will discover together the opportunities to break the patterns and habits in your life around pain/stress so you feel better in your body and more present in your life. 

My goal as a massage therapist and Bodymind coach is to help guide you to show up for yourself on a daily basis by learning how to love and honor yourself not just during your massage therapy session, but feeling supported and accountable between sessions as well.


Click here for a complimentary BodyMind coaching exploration session where we can see where you are at, where you want to be and discover the possibilities on how you can bridge the gap. Then based on what your goals are we will co-create a plan on how we can work together to achieve these goals. 

I've been there, I was at a point in my life where I was working all the time, stressed out, and burnt out. I was constantly overwhelmed with everything on my to-do-list, and the list just kept growing. I wasn't making the time for myself or anyone else. These feelings eventually caught up with me and manifested in my body in the form of inflammation and pain. 

At this point I knew I needed to make a change that my body and mind were desperately calling for. After years of struggling to figure it out on my own, I hired a coach. 

With the support of my coach, I started making some positive changes in my life. I immediately saw improvements in my energy level, I made more room in my life for what was truly important, and my relationships started flourishing.  My coaching sessions helped me gain alignment and clarity with my true self, allowing everything else in my life to start falling in place. I suddenly felt a new sense of freedom to live my dreams and desires, no longer bogged down by my fear. Having the support and accountability of someone that believed in me made reaching my goals so much more attainable and easier. Not to mention my excitement and desire to achieve these goal were back! 

When we quiet our minds and create the space, we can listen to what our hearts and bodies are telling us -- this is where the magic happens!  Ever since I invested in myself, I feel more connected to my heart and I have a better idea of what my soul purpose in life truly is. And that is what I want to give you the same opportunity. 

Are you ready to make a change and see what's truly possible?

Life is full. It can be extremely busy and we can lose sight of what is important. Everyone wants to know “I am enough” and that is exactly what Christine helped me to regain sight of during my coaching session. Setting goals for ourselves and all aspects for our life is hard, yet so essential to keep us moving forward. I was great at setting business goals for myself, but personal goals were not even on my radar. Working with Christine helped me build the confidence I needed in myself to understand the underlying wants of my initial goals. She helped me break down each goal, understand how to make it attainable and taught me how to celebrate the successes. Christine really knows how to ask the questions that make you think about your life and what you want out of your life. Overall, I had an amazing experience working with Christine as she listens, guides and develops a program that works for each individual. Her ability to bring out your best is a gift!
— Jen Carlson Entrepreneur, Leading Sales Consultant, Mom
One major change since working with Christine has been to open myself to multiple ways of viewing lifelong beliefs. In a way, I’ve learned to accept and appreciate that early life conclusions are not necessarily sustainable when we discern their impact in the present moment. Christine’s consistent and supportive reflection and guidance allowed me to appreciate this more fully than I ever in my life. I think this shift is essential and promotes the growth of generosity, creativity, compassion, hope, and generatively.

Christine’s way of listening and discerning is the essential ingredient in the this relational work. Her commitment to my work was a constant presence in me during the process. If there was even mild judgement in the room with us, it was in me about myself and I was able to recognize it through her humanizing, accepting, appreciative responses.

I have gained an invaluable richness in myself and my world which is full of potential and positive challenge.
— Nancy R.