Christine is a Certified BodyMind Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist that uses coaching, massage therapy, and her diverse background in holistic health to best serve her clients. You can work with her through BodyMind coaching programs (includes massage and coaching), one-on-one coaching, massage and bodywork, and/or group coaching classes/retreats.

Christine begins each session with a consultation, co-creating with you a specialized treatment plan based on your individual needs and goals. During each session you can expect Christine to use BodyMind coaching and bodywork while incorporating tools and resources to direct you towards better health. She will integrate her knowledge and techniques to create an atmosphere of extreme calm amidst the chaos. After her 10+ years of experience Christine has found that the use of BodyMind coaching in tandem with various massage techniques, is the most effective remedy for her clients to feel better in your body and in your life.